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Wicklow's Ghost Estates

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HOW did foreclosures go, in a matter of weeks, from just another miserable statistic in America’s housing bust to the subject of a scandal with its own “-gate” suffix? The answer is a combination of sloppy (and possibly fraudulent) paperwork, a securitisation process that is even more broken than anyone imagined and a febrile political environment.

“Foreclosuregate” flared up when an employee at GMAC Mortgage, part of Ally Financial, admitted to having approved thousands of repossessions without properly reviewing the documents. The company responded by halting sales of seized homes in the 23 states where court approval is required to foreclose while it gets to the bottom of its “robo-signing” problem. JPMorgan Chase and several other servicers (which manage loans and distribute payments to investors in mortgage-backed securities) quickly followed suit. Bank of America has called a stop in all 50 states.


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WatsonMedia presents Mark Blyth on Austerity from The Global Conversation on Vimeo.

Fun with Google maps

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Rathdrum Co Wicklow Apartments. Who in their right mind would buy an apartment in Rathdrum ??

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Wicklow town Ghost Estates.

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Courtown Harbour Apartments!!!