Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Gisele's Euro Demand Is False

Gisele Bundchen's manager sister has denied reports the supermodel demands to be paid in euros instead of U.S. dollars, insisting the claims are "ridiculous."

The Brazilian beauty was alleged to have refused payment in American currency because the dollar is "too weak."

But her sister Patricia Bundchen, who was credited for the quotes, has denied making any such comment and claims the supermodel is simply "bemused" by the reports.

Patricia says, "It's a joke by some journalist, it's ridiculous.

"I never said that to any press organization. We never talk about Gisele's contracts, and even less so the money involved.

"(Gisele) is continuing to sign her contracts in dollars or euros, as she has always done.

"She is bemused by these reactions. This information is not true. ... I do not recall ever having said anything that could be interpreted in that way."

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